Dr. Wolfgang Hevert Prize 2024: submit planned naturopathy projects now!

The Hevert-Foundation traditionally awards the Dr. Wolfgang Hevert Prize every two years for new therapeutic approaches and research projects in naturopathy. Human health is a valuable asset that must be preserved and protected. Integrative medicine aims to contribute to this. Guided by scientific findings, it combines conventional medicine with naturopathic procedures to create a useful overall concept with the goal of finding the best therapy in each individual case. Dr. med. Wolfgang Hevert devoted his life’s work to integrative medicine and the use of complementary medical procedures. In this way, he made a major contribution to advancing the knowledge of holistic medicine. Under this year’s theme of “Thinking holistically about health,” a scientific jury will once again judge planned, non-commercial study projects in German or English dealing with questions of naturopathy and associated therapeutic approaches, and the winner will be awarded the Dr. Wolfgang Hevert Prize, endowed with €10,000. Applications can be submitted online up to July 31, 2024.

The award goes to scientific works that have been planned but not yet begun and deal with basic research, clinical trials or therapeutic concepts in the field of holistic medicine. The topic can be chosen freely. The research projects submitted will be judged by a jury of renowned experts from different specialist fields based on standardized criteria. These include innovation, originality, and the research project’s relevance to naturopathy. In addition, the methodological approach, study design, feasibility and financing all play a role, as does the therapeutic and/or scientific usability of the project. The research proposal with the best overall assessment will receive the prize of €10,000 that is awarded every two years by the Hevert-Foundation in cooperation with Hevert-Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG. A formal award ceremony will be held on November 16th in Essen, Germany.

How the digital submission process works

Study projects can be submitted up to July 31, 2024. Applications are to be made using the established digital submission process with an online form that automatically compiles all the necessary information. In addition to the project outline, participants must attach their CV and an overview of their scientific publications, among other things, when submitting their application.

Questions regarding participation and submission can be emailed to hevertpreis2024@hevert-foundation.org.

Prestigious prize follows a long tradition

From the very beginning of the family business, the focus was on naturopathy. It is no coincidence that Dorothea and Emil Hevert, Dr. med. Wolfgang Hevert’s parents, chose to found their company in 1956 in Sobernheim, the place where Pastor Emmanuel Felke, the inventor of complex homeopathy, worked for many years. After Emil’s early death, his wife Dorothea took over the business, and in 1972 her son Wolfgang joined her. In 1990, as a doctor specializing in naturopathy and a pharmacist, he took on the management of the company as Managing Director. Dr. med. Wolfgang Hevert put a lot of energy into the advancement of the relationship between traditional homeopathic complex remedies, modern phytotherapy and therapy-appropriate vitamin preparations and thus contributed to the development of holistic medicine. The prize dedicated to Dr. Wolfgang Hevert is meant to promote and reward the same energy and commitment to scientific work in the field of integrative medicine.

Winners of the Dr. Wolfgang Hevert Prize

In the past calls for entries, the submissions for the prestigious prize have tackled a wide range of medical questions with sophisticated study concepts. In 2022, the prize was awarded to a research project by Professor Jörg Reichrath from the Department of Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology at Saarland University that dealt with the topic “Importance of vitamin D status and influence of oral vitamin D supplementation on the clinical course of metastatic malignant melanoma.” The aim of this randomized, blind intervention study was to determine whether vitamin D status or vitamin D supplementation have any influence on mortality during cancer treatment.

Overview of other award winners:

2020: „The effect of a stress reduction and lifestyle modification program within the framework of naturopathic lifestyle therapy on the quality of life and symptoms of patients with Crohn’s disease“, Nina Bauer (M.Sc. Psychology), Clinic for Integrative Medicine and Naturopathy, Klinikum Am Bruderwald of the Sozialstiftung Bamberg.

2018: “Better together? A randomized placebo-controlled trial assessing the effects of vitamins D and K2 on cognition: the Vita-DKcog study“, Dr. Jacqueline A. Pettersen, Prince George, British Colombia, Canada.

2016: “Functional and structural imaging in children with attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (AD(H)D) during homeopathic and conventional therapy”, Dr. med Klaus von Ammon, Bern, Switzerland.

2014: “Epigenetic impacts of ascorbate on human metastatic melanoma cells”, Dr. med. Dr rer. nat. Sascha Venturelli, Dr. med. Christian Busch, Tübingen.

2012: “On the effect of clay packs on the quality of life and on congestion complaints in patients with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)”, Dr. Karin Redlich, Sigmarzell.

2010: “Remedies containing Asteraceae extracts: prescribing patterna and adverse drug reactions”, Dr. Elke Jeschke, Potsdam.

2006:“The sinusitis syndrome – diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of complementary medicine,” Dr. med. Christoph Schraven, Nettetal.

Further information on the Dr. med. Wolfgang Hevert Prize:
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